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The first New Zealand Free Range Omega-3 Egg


Omega-3 rich eggs from the Hurunui, North Canterbury has made it its top priority to supply clients with the best eggs available. Our family is committed, we guarantee that whenever our clients think of quality, they’ll be thinking of us.

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Free Range in the Hurunui

We have purchased from Holland a large portable shed for 3,000 hens, it works on hydrolysis and can be moved around the paddock to ensure the hens always have access to fresh grass and are truly free-range!  They love the Hurunui fresh mountain air and fertile paddocks.


Rich In Omega 3

Feeding flaxseed to the hen, the omega-3s of the flax (in the form of alpha-linolenic fatty acid (ALA), combined with the hens’ own conversion of ALA to eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), allow the egg to be enriched with higher-than-normal omega-3 levels. They have five times as much Omega 3 as the average egg and match the Omega 3 in a tin of tuna per gram.


Only the Best

Eggs with extra omega-3 fats help to balance the fats in your diet. Eggs become a functional food.  An omega-3- enriched egg offers a tasty and versatile food product and an easy way of improving the level of omega-3 essential fatty acids in you and your families diet.

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Get to Know the Christophersens

Well, this is us. Timo and Jonna, Lewis 5 and Pippa 3. We are German and have lived in New Zealand for 17 years, English is our second language and we are proud to call the Hurunui home. We never yell, never fight and never disagree. Haha, of course, we do all the above and running this business with two little kids and no grandparents around certainly isn't easy. But at the end of the day, we are so passionate about what we do that it’s all forgotten and seeing our kids grow up as they do, is the best thing in the world. Here on our 105 ha farm in Hawarden, Hurunui, we have sheep, cattle, horses and our 3 pet dogs plus one serious huntaway working dog (he insisted on me pointing that out).

When did we start farming?

Timo built our first mobile chicken shed for 200 hens in 2018 and it felt like he was building the ark, spending every spare minute at this new project right in the middle of calving! We started selling our eggs at our roadside stall and to local restaurants and cafes in Hurunui. After receiving excellent feedback for our eggs, 'they taste great,' plus we really enjoyed marketing our own eggs and the interaction with our community, we then decided to buy two additional small portable sheds that held a further 200 hens each and start our egg journey. Today we have purchased from Holland a large portable shed for a further 3,000 hens, it works on hydrolysis and can be moved around the paddock to ensure the hens always have access to fresh grass and are truly free-range! “Hurunui Omegga” was born.

Baking Ingredients


Any questions about our wonderful eggs or you're simply interested in stocking our eggs then please get in touch.

Our business hours are M-F: 9 am-5 pm.

69 High street, Hawarden, Hurunui

027 683 4206

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